A stroll around the local car boot sale or flea markets is a weekend pleasure enjoyed by many people who consider it an enjoyable way to while away a few hours. There are also the dedicated “car booters” who are there for one purpose and that is to find bargains. In this article I want to give 7 tips to help anyone who would like to go bargain hunting at car boot or flea market sales this summer.

Tip 1. Arrive Early. Many car boots set up early in the morning and if you want to find the bargains you need to be there almost from the beginning. You can be sure that there will be plenty of other dealers and bargain hunters there already.

Tip 2. Take a reasonably large bag with you. You do not want to have to keep going back to the car every time you buy something. It is surprising how many car booters do not think to supply carry bags for their customers.

Tip 3. Have plenty of change with you. This will save you having to wait around while the stall holder scrambles around trying to get you change when you pay with a note.

Tip4. Move quickly. When you first arrive at a car boot sale move quickly along the rows and look for obvious items of interest. These you can snap up as you as you see them. When you have done your first scan you can go back and go from stall to stall more slowly. This way you get a chance to see if you have missed anything or new items have been put out on display.

Tip 5. Look for Amateurs. There are some people who buy items purely to sell at car boot sales and they are effectively traders who you will see week after week. There are also others who are actually selling new items and neither of these types of stall is likely to provide any real bargains. Look for stalls that belong to people who are obviously just clearing out their surplus items. Here is where you are likely to find the real bargains.

Tip 6. Make a low initial offer. Never be afraid to bargain or to make a low opening offer. Quite often this will be accepted and if not you have lost nothing. Just move on to the next stall.

Tip 7. Bring a tape measure and a magnifying glass. The tape measure is useful when looking at items such as clothes or curtains. The magnifying glass can help when inspecting for dents or cracks.

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