You Ever Wonder What The Difference Was Between A Digital Weighing Scale & A Regular Weighing Scale?

The answer is Digital compared to Analog. Digital Weighing Scales display digits of course and Regular Weighing´┐Ż give an analog display.

Ambiguity is really the word that best answers the question. Analog scales include both analog and digital. In a Regular Weighing Scale the readings appear from zero capacity in an infinite number of steps; whereas a Digital Weighing Scale the readings appear in digits.

If you?re using a Regular Weighing Scale, you can tilt your head to the right or left and the position of your eyes will change the apparent position of the pointer to the graduated weighing scale. If you move your head to the left, the reading will increase slightly and if you move your head to the right the reading will decrease slightly.

But if you use a Digital Weighing Scale there is no guessing involved, your readings are more accurate and repeatable, since the reading will not depend on the position of your head.

Digital Weighing Scales and Regular Weighing Scales are used in a wide variety of professions; they include delis, supermarkets, meat markets, doctor?s and vet?s offices, homes, hardware stores, science labs, jewelry stores and many more.

If you?re worried about price, don?t be, Digital Scales are just as inexpensive as Regular Scales.

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